What Are Sign Events

Return on Investment & Immediate Results

All in all, today’s business owners and management feel limited to only a few different avenues of advertising and its just not making the cut anymore. Your Sign Event will be successful by itself or in coalition with other forms of traditional advertising and marketing like Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Flyers, Door-Hangers, and Print Advertising (including newspapers, flyers, circulars, & magazines).


A sign event is the king of grass roots advertising & marketing. You see it everywhere these days from major auto dealerships to furniture & mattress chains and even recently major retailers like Kmart & Best Buy are enjoying the results. Sign Events are very affordable in comparison to other forms of advertising. Sign Events also give you the ability to measure and track your return on investment with immediate results.

Made-to-Fit Sales Promotion

Sign Events are a custom made-to-fit sales promotion for your weekend sale using sales theme signs and sign walkers. We transform your sales message on temporary outdoor signs and decorate the entire perimeter and parking lot of your location (this is called a store front decoration), and when permitted install signage at major intersections and off-ramps in your city (these are called community signs). This type of advertising puts you a few steps ahead of other companies advertising in your area. It creates a sense or urgency for customers to go and check you out before they continue anywhere else.

Fully Supervised Event Staff

Every Sign Event is staffed with a supervised sign crew that is positioned at major intersections or high traffic areas near the event whose sole purpose is to stand and wave your 8 foot signs with arrows, displaying your “sales message” and guiding traffic to your sale. Sign walkers hold and wave these signs with arrows directing traffic to your place during peak hours throughout the weekend. All of our events include a trained Event Supervisor who will take care of every single thing from start to finish.

Sign Event Supervisor

A trained Sign Event Supervisor will contact you prior to the promotion to discuss the game plan, sign placements, agree on times and exchange contact info in case for any reason questions or concerns arise during your event. Our Event Supervisor is there on-site the entire weekend to manage your promotion. From the planning stages until the end of your event your Sign Event Supervisor will be there for all sign installations and maintenance, signs replaced or adjusted throughout the weekend. We have a Sign Event Supervisor on-site for your promotion to ensure quality service. They are there to make sure all signage installed is done tasteful, professionally and respectfully to maintain your image as well as get the best visibility and awareness for the promotion. Sign Event Supervisors are in constant communication with the event staff while patrolling and monitoring the sign walkers keeping them hydrated and energized with beverages and snacks so they can keep active. All of our Event Supervisors are also sent to your site with a compliance form for each promotion. Last but not least, our sign event crews are responsible and trained to make sure all signs and supplies are cleaned up and properly removed from your site.

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