Mobile Billboards

SignEvent’s Mobile Billboard Advertising Campaign brings your messages to the front lines of American society; the streets.

Life doesn’t stop and wait for you. In a dynamic society, shouldn’t your business have advertisements that move with the population?

The majority of advertising is stationary – whether it is commercials on television, or messages on supermarket shopping carts. Even billboards, originally designed to appeal to a mobile population, are static; if the driver doesn’t look away from the road, they serve little purpose.

Business is about adaptability. It’s about tailoring your approach to appeal to your audience. You can’t ask potential customers to move in order to accommodate you. Rather, you must move to accommodate them.

That’s where we come in.

Gone are the days of classic advertising – the days of looking up at the sky to read an aerial banner, or looking to the side of the road to read a billboard before it slips from view. Proven to increase your sales by 30-50%, our mobile billboards don’t distract people from their daily activities.

A SignEvent Mobile Billboard does more than simply tag a banner to the side of a truck. We employ a team of highly talented artists to design an eye-popping advertisement that moves with traffic, providing 360° visibility. Our road-tested drivers cover miles upon miles of pavement, providing your company with mass exposure in record time.

Put an end to static advertisement. Adopt a campaign that’s as dynamic as our population. Hire SignEvent today. For more information, contact us.