Sign Event Procedures

1. Our Sign Event Supervisor will check in with your Store Manager prior to the weekend. Event Supervisor and Store Manager can go over the location of all signs including storefront, community (where applicable) and sign walkers positions.

2. Event Supervisor and Store Manager will agree upon locations of each sign walkers. At this time Supervisor will explain his/her itinerary for the weekend and provide answers to any questions the Store Manager may have.

3. Event Supervisor will provide Store Management with contact phone number so that he can be reached at any time during promotional event to make any necessary changes or adjustments.

4. Once your Sign Event gets started and sign walkers are in place and Supervisor and Store Management have had a chance to assess the effectiveness of locations (generally this can be done after 1-2 hours) the Supervisor will check back into store to discuss with Management. Your Management will be informed of all scheduled breaks time. While any sign walkers are on scheduled breaks, signs will be removed from post and placed in a safe or secure area.

5. Event Supervisor will check back in with your Management at the end of the scheduled five hour sign walkers shift to go over the day, have compliance form signed, and confirm schedule for the following day. The same schedule will be used for each additional day.
The following duties will also be performed by the
Sign Event Supervisor:

The following duties will also be performed by the Sign Event Supervisor:

1. Event will be set up before store opens on first day of each event. Event materials will be removed at end of business day on the last day of event. All materials including signs are property of Sign Event and will be taken away. Your site will be left as the Event Supervisor found it before start of event.

2. All signs will be monitored and repaired/replaced as needed. All sign walkers will be monitored continually throughout the day to make sure they are doing their job properly.

3. Bright red and white arrow signs will be used where needed to increase effectiveness of event.

4. We do not anticipate having code or city issues, however if this does arise the issue will be addressed and handled by our staff.