Sign Event Services

We are not your average promotions company or street team service. We create nationwide awareness campaigns and branding promotions. We run them flawlessly by incorporating professional staff, detailed planning, and supervised event coordination. Our clients rely on us to present their image or product to consumers in a strong and positive way. We can maximize your outdoor marketing and promotions by using a variety of already proven awareness strategies and guerilla marketing tactics. We have the capability of running these in every market of the US simultaneously.

Sign Walkers

red-arrow.png Human directionals go by many names, but the promotion is the same. Sign wavers are designed to attract attention and interest from impulse buyers driving around. Our high energy sign wavers holding and waving your huge sales message on the corner are impossible to miss and demand attention from everyone passing by. By using sign wavers it stretches your sales message to a much larger audience surrounding your location. sign wavers are strategically positioned around the area to make sure the customers are directed right to your sale.

Street Teams

red-arrow.png We will take your message to the street level and spread the word. Our street team members specialize in creating a stir and getting you noticed. Our creative campaigns are known for building hype and anticipation. Get the communities involved and get your message heard. Some of our Specialties: Street Teams, Guerilla Marketing, Grass Roots Campaigns, Concerts, Benefits, Expos, Hand Billing, Flyer/Product Distribution, Community Signage, Human Directionals.

Mobile Billboards

red-arrow.png With a Mobile Billboard Campaign, You Have the Advantage of Taking Your Message to the Streets. Mobile Billboards are moving advertisements mounted onto a special fleet of trucks able to reach multiple markets and generate a high rate of impact. Mobile billboards are able to draw attention and go to the target audience. Take your message to the streets on a repetitive targeted route directly where your prospects LIVE, WORK and PLAY. Congested intersections, massive crowd gatherings, and heavy vehicle or foot traffic. 70-80% of the populations are out of their homes between the hours of 9 and 5. We will be on the streets weekdays and weekends, day and night.