Sign Wavers

No other form of advertising is as effective for the price. Other forms of advertising like billboards, TV, and Radio require budgets in the thousands if not tens of thousands. We can put someone in front of your business waving a sign for a weekend, for hundreds. If that isn’t reason enough, consider that our customers see an 35%-50% increase in foot traffic on the days they use our human directionals.

We can promote your business with one guy by the hour, or a large team.

Many large corporations use our sign wavers to help create awareness of a location and to drive immediate foot traffic.
Over the last 5 years, we perfected the art of staffing. No other company has the nationwide footprint that we offer, and no other company is as reliable. Our staffing department is on call during every promotion. Our team of human directionals is reliable, well dressed, and interactive. It is not easy to become a sign waver. Each human directional goes through a multi level hiring process, and multiple interviews.